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Aren't you tired of the endless tug of war?

You know that you've been put here to do something great, but between being a leader, running a household, and managing your own responsibilities, you wonder if there's any time left to pursue your own dreams.
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If you're like many of the leaders I've meet,

You wish you had a partner to lean on and tackle life's problems with, but
you can't seem to find the right person.
When you tell people about your journey, you always end up hurt or disappointed.
You're tired of people defining you by your past.
At times, your confidence feels like it's reached rock bottom.
You know there's a better way, you just don't know where to start. 
You never seem to have enough time or energy to take care of yourself
because you've got too many responsibilities.

The good news: you're not alone.

If my story can teach you anything,

it's that no obstacle is too great

to keep you from your purpose.


I'm LaKeisha

I'm a confidence coach, international speaker, epilepsy advocate, and spiritual awakening teacher.


I help overwhelmed leaders like you who who want to learn how to have a healthy work and life balance, while still learning the skills needed to motivate their teams, be confident in speaking  as they create the life they have craved and always wanted.


I've spoken on stages and had the chance to meet leaders from every part of the world. If there is one thing I know for sure, it's this:


                      You're not alone. 


My Story:

Before I was diagnosed with epilepsy, I worked two jobs, owned my own home, and was a proud mom. I felt as though I'd made major strides in life and defied the statistics of being a teen mom and an adoptee.  I dreamed of traveling the world with my daughter.
One day, while driving on a busy, downtown Chicago expressway, I had seizure and crossed three lanes of traffic crashing into the median. Witnesses on the scene thought the worst. I was rushed to the hospital. Both of my legs were broken, left ankle shattered, my right wrist was mangled; I sustained eight broken ribs, punctured lungs, as well as my hand and fingers. While still in the hospital, a neurologist explained the cause of my accident was a seizure.
Slowly the words sank in: I had epilepsy.
I thought my life would be over. What would happen to all of the
dreams and goals I'd planned? My life took a detour and took along my self-confidence as its passenger. I was financially, mentally, and now physically bankrupt.
One night I had a conversation with the one person outside of my daughter who had never left my side. God! He whispered His plans for me, despite my current situation. He brought me back to what I had asked of Him as I was taken away in the ambulance. I listened and drank from the well of hope. As my body grew stronger so did my will to live and not just survive in my situation.
After a year of ups and downs I found my foundation. I discovered that the greatest tragedy wasn't death or even coming close to it. It was leaving this life and not fulfilling my purpose. I was on a mission to change my life and impact others in the process.   

After I began rebuilding my life, I found my purpose, and 

received a call into ministry as a servant leader (Pastor), serving others. I obtained my degree in Christian Ministries, became an outspoken advocate for people with epilepsy, and lead a phone and Web-based support group sponsored by Emory University & Morehouse School of Medicine called Project UPLIFT, which counsels people with epilepsy who suffer depression. I've also been honored to be named an Epilepsy Foundation H.O.P.E. Mentor, named Epilepsy Advocate of America in 2017,was featured on Lifetime's, "The Balancing Act", awarded "Single Mom Entrepreneur of Year" in 2018, and served on the 2018 Team of Advisory for PatientsLikeMe.

Today, as a Confidence Coach, Epilepsy Advocate and International Speaker I teach others how to live confidently, end self-sabotaging behaviors, overcome fears, find their voice and tell their story boldly.


My desire is to empower professional leaders to tap into their STRENGTH, discover their CONFIDENCE, and be RESILIENT. 


“Most people know what they want in life, they just need someone there to help hold their hand while they discover their

purpose on life’s path,”

“God is the ultimate Life Coach of my life. The unique journey He has taken me on has showed me that personal experiences are more important than rule books. Outcomes and results are fine but relationships are assets. The key to discovering life’s purpose is not problem solving but strength building, listening and self-


I'm a member of the Association of Christian Counselors and Multicultural Division of the American Association of Christian Counselors with niches in Executive and Leadership Training, Hope Coaching, Single Parent Coaching, Toastmasters, and iNAPS Certified.


Deidra Bedell, President- Trinity Women of Destiny

Atlanta, GA

"LaKeisha Parnell is a dynamic and eloquent speaker. Her expertise during our workshop on "Forgiveness" was phenomenal . She taught from real world experiences, had vital information, but most importantly she demonstrated the essence of forgiveness by utilizing her own personal trials and triumphs which encouraged many women to search deep within themselves to find the ability to forgive someone or even themselves. Talk about being transparent and authentic! Life Coach LaKeisha Parnell helped us to view forgiveness from a broader perspective and the women of Trinity Women Of Destiny are grateful for her participation.

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